Ganga Aarti SERIES
This is the story of the most cherished childhood dream made real.
This is the call to dare for your most desired impossible.
*'cause with art everything is possible
Ganga Aarti series of paintings was made on my recent journey to India. It has been the most exciting experience in my life so far. I lived in Rishikesh, the holy city built close to the source of the river Ganges at the foot of the Himalayas...

And I'd like to share the miracles of this journey with you:
- through the Paintings that you can see below
- & Art Video Series that are now available for watching on this website !

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Now let me introduce you to the paintings one by one. So as you can get a feeling of this journey - expressed in images.
#1 'Forward and Upward'
The moment just before the dawn in the Indian summer. The feeling of peace and reconnection to oneself, when the whole world is a pure reflection of one's soul. The bridge into a new day or a new stage in life. A dream or daring desire magnified by the power of the Holy River. And thus brought into manifestation.
*in private collection in Singapore
Prints. Limited Edition of 10x.
I will be making the limited edition prints of this series
to share each artwork with more than one person.
Each print will be hand signed.
First brushstroke
This painting started the Ganga Aarti series. It captures the energy of daring beginnings. Of daring for the "Impossible"
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#2 'Emotional Currents'
"Emotional Currents" | 40" x 30" | 102 x 76 cm | is inspired by the reflection of the Ram Jhula (bridge) in the waters of the Ganges around 8 PM, when the colours of the currents get glorious shades of purple and gold. The reflection of the bridge gets distorted by the currents, almost creating an abstraction on the surface of the holy river. Mixing the light with the waters and reflecting the after-the-sunset skies. This sight magnifies the viewer. It just reveals how much there is unspoken and undiscovered in this world,
how much grandeur and grace.
Mystery of metal and reflections
The paintings on metal look magnificent in the interiors,
because they respond greatly to the change in lighting.
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I prepare each canvas by covering it with thin layer of metal.
"Gold leaf" ( =copper+zinc ) and "silver leaf" ( = aluminium ) gets glued to the primed linen canvas with the special glue for metal leaf. After that the surface is sealed in 3 layers with the varnish for gold leaf. 3 days of preparation.
Ah, and only then I get to paint...but the result is totally worth such effort.
Emotional Currents in progress
Yes, I painted this piece right on the bank of the Ganges in the North of India in the embrace of the Himalaya. Spot on. I climbed these rocks all the way to the river with this huge canvas and took the water from the Holy river to pour the paints.
#3 'Storm on the Ganges'
| 30''x 24'' (76 x 61 cm) | The plain Air was interrupted by the coming storm. The waters of the Ganges gained the incredible movement and force. This energy got captured in the painting...
Painted on aluminium
The "Silver Leaf" gives the painting that special play of reflections. Same as the waters of the moves along with the light.
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Energy of movement
The only way to paint the storm, is to stay right in the middle of the storm and paint. It is crazy - yes. But it is true. And art tells the truth.
Art...or yoga?
Plain Air looks like yoga sometimes. It is uncomfortable, yes. But there is energy, sound, movement and temperature of the air. Through some alchemy, it all gets into the painting. Van Gogh's fields look the way they do also because he painted them spot on!

Pieces on aluminium look elegant and to some interiors they are a better fit than the warmth of the gold.
#4 'Currents of Creation'
| 40" x 30" | 102 x 76 cm | When you step on your path with a heart and stay with it no-matter-what you conspire with Currents of Creation to meet your miracle. You become the flow. This painting is about the power of co-creating one's path together with the universe. It's about trusting life and seeing the grander pattern in the way it flows.
*in private collection in London
First painting on Silver AND Gold
Waters of the Ganges are always moving...taking shapes. The lights of the city and the suspension bridge draw reflections of silver and gold, creating a precious and magnifying abstract patterns.
Starting this piece
In high hopes not to be washed away by the powerful and impulsive Ganga...
Meet a miracle
Art made wholeheartedly is. pure. magic.
Fragment. The Silver and Gold base gives this piece an incredible play of warm and cold hues...I believe that it is often this juxtaposition of warm and cold colors in the nature is what strikes us as "Beautiful!"
Fragment. Feel the force of the River.
#5 'Our Breakthrough'
| 36" x 24" | 92 x 61 cm | My beloved Sister described the meaning of this piece the best. She told me that the image, even viewed from her smartphone literally stopped her in her tracks in the streets in the cold spring of Russia...and it made her say this: "It is possible to find the true path in life. And it is possible to walk it together". She's 18...and she has this young soul not shadowed by the doubt. I started crying upon hearing her interpretation, because I realised that this is exactly what I meant by painting it. This Is my dream, my highest hope and what I wish for you with this piece. The State-of-the-art LOVE in life.
Our Breakthrough. On Silver and Gold.
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The Iconic Indian Bridge
They say the energy on the Laxman Jhula (bridge) is so powerful that every thought or desire gets amplified 100x times while walking it. It stretches over the rushing streams of the Ganges, it gets you on the other side. You emerge there as someone new.
Fragment. I was staring at these structure for hours in order to paint them in a way that you can feel the materiality of this bridge.
How high is the value of walking the true path together?...
#6 'Transition'
| 36" x 24" | 92 x 61 cm | I call it TRANSITION, but I love to leave the art open for interpretation. What do you see looking at this piece?...How does it make you feel?
*in private collection in Düsseldorf
In the making
I started this artwork in India and completed it in St. Petersburg, Russia. Transition is quite an abstract name, I know and...
"Inessa, what does this painting mean?".
I will not tell you in words what it means, I painted it - in order to ask YOU about its meaning. And ask yourself what is your next transition. CREATE a meaning, and the painting will be it.
I am incredibly happy with this deep blue with the gold base. Have no remote idea how this magical colour found its way onto the canvas. Must be something in the waters of the Ganges.
Fragment. I stole the idea of using both gold metallic paint and gold metal itself - from Klimt. Thanks, Gustav. Your tip came handy.
#7 'Decision'
| 36" x 30" | 92 x 76 cm | The power of unprecedented decision that splits your world into before and after. Inspired by the lit up Laxman Jhula bridge over the Ganges in a stormy night.
"That's like a painting of mine
That I've made, 'cause I miss
This electric an air for eclectic soul"

Julie Rappard lyrics match this piece perfectly...
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In the making
The depth of this painting is created by the multiple layers of semi-transparent acrylic colour.
In the making
When the paints are poured they can not be controlled completely. This gives the painting the precious qualities: immediacy and spontaneity.
Dialogue with the light.
#8 'Pure Joy'
| 40" x 27" | 100 x 70 cm | I have had all kinds of feelings on this mind-blowing art journey.
A lot of ups and downs. Sometimes excitement and allies, and sometimes such loneliness and sadness.
But I just know that in the end all feelings will transform into pure joy. And thus, I painted this inner state.
Pure Joy...
At any point in life you can just...exhale. And this is exactly when things start happening. When you connect to that infinite peace that is already within you at any given moment of time.
Enquire about Pure Joy
studio atmosphere is everything.
Gulf of Finland (St. Petersburg, Russia)
I always paint spot on. I let the wind paint with me.
#9 'Co-creation'
| 30''x 24'' (76 x 61 cm) | What if the whole world conspires for your dream? What if everything is rigged in your favour and the horizon just wants to give you the most loving embrace. The world is in love with you. It is as obvious as the grace of the sunset skies. Give your love back. Start your correspondence with the horizon.

*this piece is unlisted in the video series, I originally planned only 8 canvases. But nonetheless this work was created and I was amazed at how perfectly it captured the whole feeling of making my first art project! In one word it would be...TRUST. In an image it would be...well, "Co-creation"!
This piece is made on the Gulf of Finland, driven by the force of the inspiration from the Journey in India. It reflects the joy, the miracle, the privilege of bringing to life that art, that was whispered by the universe...
Enquire about Co-creation
Made on silver
The base for this artwork is entirely silver. In the central part it is left completely on sight, so as the water shines, just as I saw it one sunset on the Gulf of Finland.
Metal on the edge
In progress in my studio in St. Petersburg.
This piece can be a powerful reminder to sync your soul with the universe. Because you are one ad the same with it, to begin with.
So these are the images of this Indian journey. Would you like to watch it on video? They say a painting speaks a 1000 words. And a captures soul. You can watch the Ganga Aarti Video Documentary Now >>
Others have seen what is and asked why.
I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso
Painter | Spain + France

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