Ladsohbar village
Original SOLD
Limited Edition Giclée Print Available
I've got hopelessly lost driving to another location that I had planned to explore in Meghalaya. The key word, like an ancient spell, was "Ladsohbar" and I was casting it upon every local I would meet along the way to get directions. Google gave up on navigation and Airtel - on providing network, as was their custom in the East Khasi hills. So I strayed further and further from Ladsohbar village.

Even though I was stressed at first, later I came to realise that I needed to be IN Ladsohbar in order to cross out the stop on my way and to get where I needed to get, but even more so I needed to be OUT of it, to be lost, for it was the only way to get this faraway perspective on Ladsohbar and to paint the village against the dreamy Bangladesh backdrop.

Acrylic on cardboard
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