Nohkalikai - Sunrise & Sunset
Original Diptych and Limited Edition Giclée Print Diptych available
I was walking on the body of a giant. Its skin was terracotta-coloured stone and pure water of an unusual emerald shade ran through its veins. "Hello, Nohkalikai…" - whispered a painter to a giant. There was no-one in the gorge…just me and Nohkalikai, the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

Most of the waterfalls in the East Khasi hills are rain-fed, which means they are active only in the Monsoon season. But the waters of the giant Nohkalikai always rush down that mysterious Gorge…to make a breathtaking 340m plunge on the 3d and final step of its cascade.

I captured this infinite primal energy in the diptych study, to invite you to also spend an entire day with Nohkalikai, from sunrise to sunset.

Acrylic & acrylic pouring medium on textured paper

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