Do you want to stay inspired and motivated during these times? Would you like to journey with me to Incredible India and to the world of art - online - to find something truly important to you?
"Art Quest India" is the online art experience:

  • Exhibition of paintings
  • Movie and 3 live sessions on creative self-realisation
  • Your own visual dream diary
Join if you wish to discover more about who you are and what is possible for you next. In other words, to design your dream and live it.

The crisis is not here for you to be depressed, bored or shutting yourself down spiritually.

Quite the opposite: It is here for you to re-invent yourself and to clear the space for your real light to shine brighter than ever. It is the time to dream bolder and to imagine better.

"Art Quest India" free online exhibition is designed to help you with that.
Here are some things we will explore:

  • discover your dream and envision it
  • your visual dream diary (you can draw/write/collage)
  • the tricky steps of the creative process (going boldly and happily through them!)
  • connection to your natural genius
  • how to deal with hard periods when things do not seem to be working for you and turn fear into fuel

All that in the atmosphere and depth of the Indian culture and through the exhibition of original paintings, film and live meetings with the artist.

It is a blend of art, online travel & learning that you have never experienced before. And I believe it is the future.

HELLO, I AM Inessa Garder
& I am here to inspire and help you follow your highest talents and!
Why am I doing this online art quest now? And why we go to India? ...

India is definitely a great culture to get these precious insights on discovering your true self, your deepest dreams. And also after creating my whole series of paintings here and the recent exhibition...I've got locked down in India!...So you get the real energy next to the Ganges that I love to paint. You hear her flow.

You see, I consider this unexpected mixture of paintings, film, online travel and learning experience - a bomb of inspiration that must be thrown now.

To start the process for which the space is being cleared.
Your creative self-realisation.

It is free
It motivates you for your inspired action
P.S. A Quest is not a journey and it's not a trip and not a vacation. It is a courageous process of self-discovery in which the destination is unknown and the route is hidden. You will walk it in the dark and you will face difficulties, but you have the brightest light in you and in a quest you will never walk alone. It is the only path worth taking. JOIN.
Explore India
Experience art
Envision your dream
It's totally free