To live regardless of restrictions

The sketch depicts my friend and me in our newly found N95 (probably fake) masks and in a state of shock during the first days of our unexpected lockdown life in India. We were looking at some cheap but magnificently detailed and downright golden stickers in a shop and Inna ironically observed while browsing through the stickers: "Yeah...which God will save us now?..." So we chose one goddess that looked promising under circumstances and I put her on this sketch.

Apparently beautiful Durga on a tiger with multiple hands happened to be a Hindu goddess of war. And indeed this situation sometimes makes me angry and I do understand people who went to the streets protesting against the Covid-1984 rules. But in this chapter, I'd like to offer you an alternative way to combat restrictions. Much more peaceful. Infinitely more powerful. Infinity technique. Please allow me this lofty title, I love it so.

The lockdown restrictions are only an example and an inspirational departure point for the technique. In this chapter, I will be speaking about any perceived restrictions in your life. Anything that you desire but do not have yet. Anywhere you want to be but can't go. Anyone else you desire to be / to be with...etc.

The method is very counterintuitive and my take on it I promise will make you smile. In order to describe the infinity technique, let me simply take you on one illegal walk along the jungle in the North of India, shall we? Off we go!

6 AM, the most precious morning you have ever stumbled across. Twice as precious due to the fact that such a cloudy cold morning is so rarely found in this season in this part of the world. I am heading towards the third bridge, the one in the wilderness. The two main suspension bridges in town are already shut down and I am on that "other" side, away from food supplies, from the hospital, from the main market, away from Delhi, and from aeroplanes. Behind my apartment, the world we've built actually ends and the realm of leopards, elephants and freely flying peacocks - begins. So I am following the grey morning serpentine, slightly uphill. On the right is the jungle (watch out for a peacock!). On the left dressed in her silver morning gown gracefully flows the Ganga. Direction opposite to ours, which means we go direction Himalayas.

I will not attempt to cross the big bridge for large vehicles today. I am going only to see the incredible beauty of it confidently connecting the two opposite banks in steel and striking a metallic counterpoint to the softness of lines all around it. Besides, there sure would be police at the big bridge and I would have a hard time explaining to them what essential food supplies am I looking for in the middle of nowhere.

But then what I have suspected had happened. The police were not only at the bridge. They were also patrolling the jungle road on their motorbikes and big square white jeeps. In order to check that the road was empty and our case, it was not.

I was politely but strictly told to turn around and to walk home with the reference to the certain law with the certain number that the policeman even remembered. I can not recall the number now, there was some 1 and double four I guess and some dots, but anyway it is that law that was so swiftly implemented in India to close 1.3 billion people in their homes overnight. It says you are not allowed out other than for essential food supplies nearby. And there I was, on a road leading only to the big bridge, the leopards and the peacocks.

Strangely enough, I found myself not turning around and successfully convincing the policeman that my reader and I do have the right to walk along the jungle of India in the early cloudy morning like this and contemplate the silver dress of the Ganga reflecting the skies. (They definitely must implement a law defending such a right. It is essential for artists. And for a human soul, I would argue. We artists always argue for that. )

So why would the strict policeman let me go further with my jungle walk illegal according to the fresh fancy Indian law with dots and a double four. This is the time we need to go beyond the surface and introduce the infinity technique that is great not only for the joyous continuation of one's illegal walks but for anything you might desire but feel restricted from aka not having it right now.

The core point here is that this was no random walk. It was intentional. I went out direction Himalayas on an inner mission. Simple, secret and grand. Which is the infinity technique I am teasing you about half the chapter. But not in vain. Listen: I went to see the world as the universe would see it.

Yes, I have focused all the power of my attention, each single second every single calorie on accomplishing this task. I now see the world as the universe would see it. For the length of 1hr walk in the nature. This is the setting that makes it so easy for me to imagine being the universe. Because nature is obviously alive and I can feel its feelings. So why on earth the spirit within a tree or a river would not be the same one as mine? Highly believable as far as my instinct for truth is concerned.

I also hear that many people here in India and in Nepal exercise somewhat similar techniques just sitting in the darkness of their caves and looking at the infinity of soul. Formless. This is the next level I would say. For now, I went into nature to imagine or to see that I am the world, using my own method. Which is again, not new. Jiddu Krishnamurti, the modern age Buddha, did that a lot. It is documented in his published notebook. The whole book is about him walking in nature and observing inner sensations. Maybe you should join us and give the infinity technique a shot?

After the first few turns of the beautiful serpentine road, I have achieved some success on my mission. You see, I have started smiling. Just because it felt good, to be the world...and so I smiled at my worries dragged from yesterday life inevitably vanishing as darkness vanishes immediately and entirely as one lights even the smallest candle.

I went on. A few more turns of magical serpentine going slightly up. At that point, I have noticed that the grey hues all around me on this masterpiece of a morning are not quite grey in fact. In my mind, I have now called them Indian greys as you know there is an Indian Yellow colour when one chooses oil tubes in a shop. I have no idea what it is made of. Must be the Indian Sun. The Indian greys, on the other hand, are made of Ganga's dress reflecting the cloudy skies between 6 and 7 AM and many other things. Including the peacock secretly watching me from the jungle and not being lit up quite enough to appear blue and green at this point. So many hues, hard to describe even though while seeing as the universe I can effortlessly perceive them all at once. In their totality the Indian greys are strikingly different from the Russian greys, I must say. They are rich. They are versatile. They give you a silent warning of being able to go loud and bright and start celebrating at any moment they damn choose. What a match for an Indian soul! I smiled at the Universe's precise choice of colour to paint India this morning. Ah! It was my choice...Wow, I smiled again. Just as I smile in silence contemplating a painting in progress when I get the shades right. Was that also what Buddha was smiling about?

And the next turn, after inventing the Indian greys - is right where I have met that strict but polite policeman with a good memory that you are already familiar with. In fact, we should give him a name. Sudeep, alright? And I should also note that he has a rather strange brown colour of the uniform, as in fact, every Indian policeman does. Such brown, you know...not light and not dark, not cold and not warm. In-the-middle-of-nowhere brown. Or as we would say in Russia neither fish nor meat, meaning it tastes like neither. But in India, this would be a totally wrong approach to describe a policeman's uniform. Neither beetroot nor spinach nor radish... if I am mixing the colours right.

So the strict Sudeep tries to stop me. And I am in the middle of that inner game, 1hr of infinity technique. What bad timing to stop someone! He makes a good claim to change my plan for an hour walk but is now just a character painted by me he has absolutely no power to do so. We exchange some vague lines on the value of exercise in nature for one's immunity. Reality takes a turn, melts a bit and a policemen character Sudeep aligns with the Universe's will to marvel at herself on a perfect morning along the jungle road pairing the Ganga in its stretch. As it should be.

When you know you are the universe there can be no restrictions no barriers no lack of anything at all. Say for example I as Inessa desire to go on the other side of the river to get a strong americano that they make in the Brew Master coffee shop. And now the Indian authorities choose to restrict me from doing so. But as the universe, I am already on all the opposite banks of all the rivers in the world. And if I get bored with the story of the virus and authorities and no aeroplanes I may as well write something else in the next chapter of the world. Or else for a handful of humour I can make up a friend who illegally makes me that strong americano every morning in the closed coffee shop on my side of the river. He would pass it down into my hands from a balcony in the backyard. Ah, alright, the last one I already did. But I won't give out his name.

Practically speaking, I do this technique every morning as I wake up. I am almost always awake at 4:40 AM, sometimes without an alarm, but this deserves the whole another chapter, which I will do later. So I wake up, go in nature and give the best shot of my intense focus to being the universe in motion. Creating and contemplating herself at the same time. I do dedicate such diligent passion and drive to this task that I would give to no other. In fact, in comparison to the Infinity technique, all the university and school and work tasks are so intimidatingly small to the infinite soul. Why play small. Why not give yourself to the task of your universal scale for at least an hour every day?

Behind the scenes. I have actually picked this technique up in the two books, mixed the advice and put it to work. The first book is called "Krishnamurti's notebook" by Jiddu Krishnamurti himself. The second one is "Dollars flow to me easily" by Richard Dotts. What a strange company you might observe. Well, the second one is way less poetical and grand but essentially on the same topic...of infinity. More practical and easy to implement as well, I would say. As it was written for the reader, the notebook I think was not. I was quite amazed at the resemblance of content and thoughts to Krishnamurti. In his book, Richard would prescribe this technique for 15 min 3 times a day just in the room in silence with closed eyes and he would advise to "open your inner eyes to recognise the inherent abundance that is already here". Boom!

In my experience, an hour in the early morning and nature and imagination all mixed together to give a whole new twist to it. But yes, dollars will flow easily as well in case that is what you'd like to create as the universe. (If so, don't wait, grab Richard's book and put his techniques to use.) Or if you want as Krishnamurti - to facilitate a revolution in the human consciousness. Any goal is liftable here. This is what "infinity" stands for. I make my own take on their techniques. And I welcome you to make your own on mine. Whatever goal you're after.

Customise it, personalise it, Journal about it, call it your own, give it a name.

See. Reality. Melt.
Then Smile.
And pass my cheers to our common friend, Buddha.

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