the crash video-course
Your dream.
It's time.
Do you even know how powerful you are, how much more is possible for you? I want you do discover your true purpose in life and to dare live your dream. Full soul forward. No excuses and no time to waste. BECAUSE YOUR TIME IS NOW.
I wish you to experience the life that your soul came here for. To be who you are. To discover your dream and live it...this video-advice might be that push of inevitable inspiration that you were lacking - to damn go for it.
Inessa Garder
Painter & filmmaker
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I recorded the things that truly matter to me. I mixed up my experience in finding the true passion of my life, experiences of famous people + questions and exercises for you.
Are you tired of leaving your dream till tomorrow, that never comes?
This course is for you if you would like to develop more courage and decisiveness in doing what you truly want to do. It can help you open your mind to the wider range of possibilities, to dream big. I mean, BIG. Together we will find an answer to the famous "How do I start?". I will share with you the raw truth of how I went from working in the unsatisfying jobs and jumping from one thing to another and being this "soul searcher" to the tunnel vision and decisiveness about my Big dream, that before that I have only seen in the movies...
Plant the seeds now for a grand change in life.
3x 18 min video lessons during 1 week.
You will receive the first video lesson in your e-mail right after subscribing. The next ones will come with one day breaks, to give you space for journaling and exercises for best results in your life. Get in gear for the life-changing journey: get yourself a gorgeous notebook, a pen and the course to get you started:
Ask yourself:
What would your own transformation look like?
And especially how would it...feel?
Just imagine how you feel before the start of a big journey to a beautiful place, where you have never been yet....early morning, packing the suitcases in the car, laughing with friends and stopping for coffee at a petrol station on the sunrise highway. This is how living your dream can feel like, as discovery, as grand adventure. From the place of compromising and doing what you have to do you can transition to creating the whole new world. How do you make such a huge shift? As in everything, you start with a small step and small investment. That is of huge importance though. Because it will be the seed of a breathtaking change.
Why starting your dream now,
right away - with this video course?
To get a push of energy excitement and enthusiasm: that moment when your soul says: "ACTION!" and the show begins
To be reminded of your own power and your own magic, that are always there at your command and can skyrocket your realisation in this world anytime
To get yourself to do the first actions and thus to get results that you otherwise would not have gotten
To be blown away by realising how much more is possible in your life
To crash your old limitations that were holding you back
To make a decision now that will change your life
To go after bigger goals that are actually worth the power of your soul
Because you can't stop thinking that so much more is possible for you and this course is an invitation to convert this guess into real action and results for you
Because you are done with the old patterns that do not satisfy you deeply
Because you will finally let your crazy genius come out to play and create worlds
Because you need to get clarity on what is your dream so as you can start taking massive action
Because this video-advice will fuel the very best in you and invite it out, into the world to damn shine
To finally discover what does your BEST SELF feel and act like IN REAL LIFE,
instead of always guessing that you could do better...
I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.
Your Dream. It's Time
1hr Crash Video Course to begin what you have always wanted to begin.

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting" (c) Buddha


*"Your Dream. It's Time" course is currently only available through the Ganga Aarti Exhibit Kickstarter campaign.

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